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Unlocking the Connection: Chiropractic Care and Craniopathy for Tongue Tie in Babies

In the ever-evolving landscape of natural health care, certain topics take center stage at different times. One such topic gaining prominence in recent years is tongue tie in babies. This article from our Wall Township NJ chiropractor delves into the science behind a baby's tongue tie, exploring its potential impact on breastfeeding, speech, and neurodevelopment. Going beyond the surface, we investigate the prevalence, symptoms, causes, and the role of chiropractic care and craniopathy in addressing this condition.

Chiropractic Wall Township NJ Tongue Ties

Understanding Tongue Tie in Wall Township NJ

A tongue tie, or ankyloglossia, is a condition where the tissue beneath a baby's tongue is tight and can limit tongue and jaw motion. While commonly associated with breastfeeding challenges, it also has broader health implications for both the infant and the mother. Referred to as Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs), this condition involves various connective tissues in the mouth and jaw.

Prevalence & Symptoms

Estimates suggest that tongue tie affects 3-11% of newborns, though the exact prevalence is debated. Symptoms include difficulty latching, feeding issues, unsettled behavior, and slow weight gain. The condition can impact mothers as well, leading to sore nipples, low milk supply, and even mastitis. As children age, tongue tie has been linked to motor development, speech delays, sleep disturbances, tooth decay, and sensory integration disorder.

Chiropractic Wall Township NJ Pediatric Tongue Tie

Potential Causes

The debate over the causes of tongue tie ranges from genetic factors to mutations associated with the MTHFR genes. However, this article proposes a deeper exploration into the role of the nervous system. The tone of the central nervous system, influenced by factors like maternal distress and early exposure to toxins, may contribute to the prevalence of tongue tie. Renowned researcher Dr. Bruce Lipton emphasizes the nervous system's role in coordinating cellular behavior.

Exploring The Connection With Subluxation

Subluxation of the spine and nervous system can cause massive changes in the tissue surround the oral ties, neck, throat, and more. When subluxation is present, the increased tone of the system causes further restriction in the tongue tie and can cause the tie to further impact a child or adult. Subluxation and cranial distortions can CAUSE increased tension in the tie tissue and affect tongue function and jaw alignment - but CAN be corrected.


Chiropractic Wall Township NJ Treatment Options

Treatment Options

Given the significance of breastfeeding for a child's health, parents often opt for tongue-tie revision surgery by a pediatric holistic dentist. However, we don not this surgery be used as a FIRST resort especially when more conservative and very effective options, like chiropractic care and craniopathy, can be used. Revising/cutting the tissue leads to an INSTABILITY in the system, and can cause further dysfuncitons. However, there are times, especially after a course of chiropractic corrective care has allowed for the maximal correction, where a revision is a viable option. If a child DOES have surgical revision, bodywork like chiropractic care is crucial to regaining appropriate tone and stability to the system in the weeks following. It's crucial to consult with a Pediatric Chiropractor before and after surgery. Addressing the neuromuscular tension, subluxation, and biomechanical dysfunction is key for optimal results.

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In the journey to understand and address tongue tie in babies, the integration of chiropractic care and craniopathy emerges as a valuable approach. By recognizing the intricate connection between subluxation and TOTs, parents can make informed decisions to promote their child's overall health and development. Consulting with trained professionals becomes paramount in navigating the complexities of tongue tie and ensuring the best outcomes for both short and long-term health. Give our team at Absolute Chiropractic in Wall Township NJ a call today!


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